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July 23, 2020

An important message for health and equity in Missouri—Vote Yes on 2 on August 4th 

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Cornerstones of Care and KC CARE Health Center are partnering to urge you to vote Yes on Amendment on August 4thThis message explains what Medicaid Expansion is and why it’s important. 

What is Medicaid Expansion? 

Missouri’s current eligibility requirements are among the most restrictive in the nation. Medicaid Expansion would change the eligibility requirement to include over 230,000 Missourians, including 40,500 more children through their parents new coverage. Their ability to get primary care will result in healthier families and communities. No family should need to choose between getting necessary healthcare or paying the rent. 

The impact on income disparities in access to care 

Right now, individuals earning more than $5,550 per year find themselves ineligible for Medicaid. This creates a coverage gap for many including essential low-wage workers in grocery stores, populations over the age of 55, hardworking single parents whose jobs don’t provide health insurance, and more. The coverage gap does not need to exist. Thirty-seven states and Washington, D.C., have implemented Medicaid expansion and have seen significant declines in their low-income, uninsured population.  

The impact of COVID-19   

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt directly by those who have contracted this illness, but also indirectly by those who have lost their jobs or businesses. Over 700,000 Missourians have filed for unemployment since the start of the pandemic (March 15). Expanding Medicaid ensures that, as our economy recovers, individuals can get preventive care, which both improves community health and saves money for individuals and the healthcare system. Medicaid expansion will also create over 16,000 new jobs every year. 

The impact on racial inequities in healthcare 

COVID-19 has had a negative impact on our healthcare system and our world, but in many ways, the pandemic has only amplified the inequality that already exists within healthcare and exposed systemic inequity and racism. Access to healthcare is a basic, but major barrier to beginning to address these issues. If Medicaid expansion is passed, an estimated 41,400 Black Missourians and 13,800 Hispanic/Latinx Missourians will qualify for coveragereducing the rates of uninsured Black and Brown Missourians by 43% 

Join us and take action! 

  • On August 4, 2020, vote Yes oAmendment 2 in Missouri. If passed, this measure has no direct impact on taxes. In fact, this measure will redirect more than $1 billion in federal tax dollars back into Missouri’s economy.  
  • Talk to your friends and family about why you are voting Yes on Amendment 2 and spread the word to vote using #yeson2  
  • Make sure you know where to vote.  Visit the Missouri Secretary of State’s website, www.sos.mo.gov to find your polling place. 


Homeroom Health is a fully integrated health center for infants, children, teens and young adults. Located at 30th and Troost, we connect children and families to medical, dental and behavioral health care – regardless of insurance status and ability to pay.  

Cornerstones of Care and KC CARE Health Center joined forces to transform access and delivery of healthcare. 

Cornerstones of Care is a nonprofit behavioral health provider that serves almost 15,000 children and families in Missouri and Kansas. Cornerstones of Care believes passing Amendment 2 is one of the most important things we can do right now to support Missouri families. Medicaid expansion will help reduce health disparities experienced in minority communities, which are being hit hardest by the pandemic. Read why Cornerstones of Care wants you to “Help Expand Missouri Medicaid on August 4. 

KC CARE Health Center offers quality, affordable, integrated health services to everyone in the community with the promise of dignity and personalized care. With a staff of 170 and nearly 700 dedicated volunteers, KC CARE provides healthcare, education, and support for almost 20,000 individuals through more than 100,000 annual encounters. Read KC CARE’s “The Top 7 Reasons to Vote Yes On 2 to Expand Missouri Medicaid.”