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May 19, 2022

Help in real time – Denita Hoard, Behavioral Health Consultant

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Behavioral Health Consultant Denita Hoard, who joined KC CARE in August 2020, works alongside primary care providers and medical assistants. At every appointment, patients are assessed for stress, anxiety, and behavioral health conditions. Some patients visiting KC CARE for a medical examination or routine lab work may be in personal crisis. Dedicated staff like Denita are there to help in real time.

For patients in need, Denita conducts brief therapy sessions, deescalates crises, or arranges long-term therapy with KC CARE’s Behavioral Health team. “Every day is different—you never know what to be prepared for,” Denita said. “Our providers really take time to listen to patients, to truly engage with them. I love our integrated process and how we include the behavioral health component in patient care.” 

Denita wants the community to know that KC CARE is here to provide comprehensive, integrated care to everyone. She said, “We are more than just a basic clinic. Regardless of who you are or whether or not you can pay, we’re here to care for and promote you as individuals.”