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April 16, 2024

Hodo Mohamed: student, volunteer, community healthcare advocate

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Hodo Mohamed, a dental student University of Missouri – Kansas City, volunteers as a dental assistant on the KC CARE dental team. “…I’m considering a career in dentistry. Volunteering lets me explore that interest while making a difference in people’s lives,” Hodo said about splitting her time between her schooling and volunteer work. “The staff and other volunteers are genuinely nice and always ready to help. Plus, the flexibility with volunteering hours has been a big help for me. It allows me to manage my other commitments like school and work effectively,” she adds.

Hodo has a passion for accessible care for the community in which she learns, works, and lives: “Community healthcare matters a lot to me because it ensures everyone, regardless of their background or financial status, has access to essential medical services. It’s all about fairness, inclusivity, and kindness. Volunteering at KC CARE lets me play a part in making sure everyone in my community has access to good healthcare.”

KC CARE volunteers have a unique experience of directly seeing the impact of accessible healthcare on the patient, in addition to the fast-paced and sensitive environment in which our frontline employees work. Hodo not only volunteers her own time to the KC CARE dental department, but she encourages her community to get involved, saying “For anyone thinking about volunteering at KC CARE, I’d say it’s a fantastic opportunity for personal and professional growth. You’ll be part of a team of people who are all passionate about helping others. The experience you gain here, whether it’s in dental care or another healthcare area, is priceless.”

Providing vital services to the Kansas City community isn’t possible without the countless hours of our dedicated volunteers. Anyone interested in getting involved should contact Melly Roque at mellyr@kccare.org.