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July 10, 2024

Insurance Expert, Access Hero: Sonya Fuller

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“Sonya is a very genuine person. She provides support to not only the patients she serves, but also her team (especially me). She is always willing to assist me with a challenge or meet a patient where they are at. Her dedication to our team does not go unnoticed!” says Emily Dreher, Manager of Eligibility & Enrollment. Emily supervises and works closely with one of KC CARE Health Center’s “sunniest and most positive people”: Sonya Fuller, Lead Health Insurance Navigator.

Emily was recently approached by the Chief Financial Officer of a local organization singing Sonya’s praises after she navigated and successfully solved a complicated and lengthy coverage issue.

The CFO told the story of an employee’s grandchild that had recently been added to the company’s health plan, but the plan specifically does not cover grandchildren. The birth of the grandchild presented many complications, and the employee was hopeful that the necessary care would be covered. The employer was put in touch with Sonya, who immediately went into action.

“Sonya went above and beyond right from the start. She gave us an overview of Medicaid and different options that may be available. Sonya was extremely patient and answered questions thoroughly in an easy-to-understand manner,” said the company’s CFO

Shortly thereafter, Sonya walked the employee through the process of applying for coverage as well as temporary coverage. Temporary coverage was immediately provided, but Sonya wasn’t done there.

The CFO said, “She stuck through it for weeks – answering emails, assisting with phone calls – until full eligibility was successfully granted. None of this was easy. It was very time-consuming and had many hurdles. Every time something came up, Sonya was right there to help guide our employee through the process.”

She continued, “Sonya is extremely knowledgeable and truly cares about helping others. She took a very serious, complex situation and handled it with care and expertise for which we are extremely thankful.”

When asked why she goes above and beyond for her patients and why community healthcare is important to her, Sonya said, “If not for community healthcare, the barriers surrounding access would seem impossible for people and families to navigate and understand. By understanding the health needs of a community, we can better serve and help make people thrive in their community.”

Sonya is committed to working somewhere that allows her to contribute to increasing access. She said of working at KC CARE, “I enjoy working with a team and staff who are genuinely living the KC CARE mission by bringing healthcare access to everyone.”