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July 19, 2022

KC CARE is seeking bids for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and Tenant Representation. RFP Due 08/05

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REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL – Commercial Real Estate Brokerage and Tenant Representation

KC CARE is seeking proposals from Missouri-licensed, commercial real estate brokerage firms (“Bidder/Broker/Vendor”), with qualified personnel who have previous experience in providing commercial real estate brokerage services for public agencies and/or corporate clients.

Bidder shall be responsible for all costs incurred in preparing or responding to this RFP. All materials and documents submitted in response to this RFP become the property of KC CARE and will not be returned after the Proposal Submission Deadline. KC CARE intends to review the proposals submitted with the goal of entering into a purchase agreement with one Vendor.

KC CARE is a Federally Qualified Health Center with the mission to promote health and wellness by providing quality care, access, research, and education to the underserved and all people in the community. KC CARE is exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. Their mission is to provide outreach medical, dental, and behavioral health services to people in the Kansas City Community and surrounding metropolitan and rural areas.


Under Section 4, subsection d Terms and Conditions – KC CARE would like to pursue this rental term for up to 3 years with the option of a 1 year annual renewal – there may be certain limitations that KC Care may see from a Landlord in the way of lease concessions (tenant improvement dollars, free rent, etc.) – should we be touching on those potential limitations in our response at all?
Yes, we would like to hear feedback on the limitations that may be a consequence of our approach and timeline.  KC CARE is open to exploring whether a longer-term lease is a better financial decision.


Under Section 5, in the first paragraph it mentions that price is important, along with proximity, location, access, timeframe, etc. – does KC CARE want us to provide some possible options in our RFP or will that come after the award is given?
KC CARE does not require a respondent to include options in the RFP response. However, it will not be of any consequence if the respondent chooses to do so in their final submission.


Under Section 9, subsection c. notes that we must provide “… a Standard Purchase Agreement which includes payment percentage schedule, change request, cancellation, … “ – based on the rest of the proposal, it seems that KC CARE would prefer to lease space – can you please clarify this request?
KC CARE is seeking a lease at this time.  The inclusion of language that implies a purchase was not intentional.  


Under Exhibit A – the location notes that the new location should be in or near Midtown KC, or within a 15-mile radius of Midtown.  There was a previous mention of a Missouri-licensed broker to assist with this requirement.  If any options are provided outside of Midtown Kansas City, can they be in Kansas or does KC CARE need to be in Missouri or Kansas City, Missouri proper?
KC CARE needs this location to be in Missouri.


Under Exhibit A – is there any necessity desire to be on a single floor in a new building or can the space be split into 2 or more floors? ​
KC CARE is open to leasing space that exists on multiple floors.