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August 12, 2019

KC CARE Opens Pediatric Location

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Youth and children living in Jackson County will be the primary beneficiaries of an innovative approach to healthcare. Two reputable Kansas City nonprofit agencies, Cornerstones of Care and KC CARE Health Center, are opening a fully-integrated health center for infants, children, teens and young adults on the Troost Corridor.


It’s no secret that affordable, integrated healthcare is a challenge for communities like Kansas City. Layered with socioeconomic barriers such as poverty, low health literacy, limited transportation access, or unstable housing, these challenges are often insurmountable for families with Medicaid or who are uninsured. Children, teens and young adults are especially susceptible to significant long-term health disparities when adequate care is out of reach.


In recognition of these healthcare disparities, Cornerstones of Care, a behavioral healthcare organization, and KC CARE Health Center, a community health center, have united their complementing expertise to launch Homeroom Health, a pediatric health home for children, teens and young adults.


Located at 30th and Troost in the newly developed Wonder Shops and Flats, Homeroom Health will improve access to fully integrated medical, dental and behavioral healthcare and improve the healthcare experiences for infants, children and young adults in the surrounding community. This innovative model will offer youth in and aging out of foster care with dependable, cohesive healthcare and support services. Homeroom Health is now accepting appointments at 816-753-5144 and at homeroomhealth.org. This pediatric health home officially opens on August 15


KC CARE CEO, Wil Franklin stated, “KC CARE and Cornerstones of Care have shared expertise and experience in meeting the needs of children and families who find quality healthcare and support services to be inaccessible.” KC CARE Health Center will provide primary and oral healthcare, while Cornerstones of Care will support trauma-informed behavioral healthcare and bring expertise in establishing a trauma-sensitive, developmentally appropriate environment.


Having often experienced abuse and neglect, children in foster care have complex medical and psycho-social needs that require consistent, integrated care to ensure safety and health. “Relying on the strengths of each organization, our vision is to better address the needs of children who have experienced trauma and improve the overall health of our community,” says Denise Cross, president and CEO of Cornerstones of Care.


“As with each of our locations, Homeroom Health will be committed to serving the community needs and providing greater access for those with Medicaid or need help with insurance,” Franklin stated.