Monkeypox Vaccine Waiting List Updates

KC CARE received these directives from the State regarding the distribution of the monekypox vaccine.

To receive the monkeypox vaccine:

  1. Sign-up on the Missouri State website: https://survey123.arcgis.com/share/a14ed321cd6e459183ccb79d2d86b385
  2. Mark KC CARE as your preferred vaccination location.
  3. Our clinical staff will contact you to schedule an appointment for the injection.

As is evident by the fluid situation, national, state, and local resources are coordinating available resources as best as possible. We understand larger inventories of the vaccine will be available within the next few days. Until then, people at greater risk will receive the vaccine first (i.e. those with HIV, confirmed exposure, etc.). Our clinical teams will work through the list we receive from the State as quickly as possible.

KC CARE will keep you updated through helpful information on our social channels and website.

Finally, please share this information with others who you believe would be interested or concerned about the virus.