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August 17, 2020

One Year Later: What we’ve achieved at Homeroom Health

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One year ago, on August 15, 2019, KC CARE Health Center and Cornerstones of Care opened partnership many years in the making.  

Homeroom Health is a fully integrated health center for infants, children, teens, and young adults. Located at 30th and Troost, we connect children and families to medical, dental and behavioral health care – regardless of insurance status and ability to pay. Collocated with The Hangout, a youth drop-in center run by Cornerstones of Care, Homeroom Health has continued to evolve during its first year.  

Homeroom Health is special as it is our only location that focuses on pediatrics,” says Ashley J., the Health Insurance Navigator at Homeroom Health. “The staff at Homeroom Health is tightknit and works together to best serve their populationThe location, style, and atmosphere make Homeroom Health feel like home.”  

Most recently, we’ve adapted some of our services to better protect our staff, patients, and their families from the COVID-19 crisis. This includes modifications to our dental practice to ensure the filtration of aerosols.  

Additionally, KC CARE has moved our prenatal program from Research Medical Campus to Homeroom Health, a move which better protects at-risk patients from COVID-19 exposureWe look forward to an exciting year of growth to come – both for our pediatric and prenatal services. 

Since opening in August 2019, Homeroom Health has served 1,407 patients through 2,186 medical, 360 dental, and 701 behavioral health encounters –3,247 total for our pediatric population.  

At the same location, we’ve also served 72 prenatal patients through 261 encounters since moving that service to Homeroom Health in March.  

Although COVID-19 has impacted our ability to provide services, we are so pleased with the way Homeroom Health has expanded our capacity to serve our community. Growing KC CARE’s expertise further into pediatrics also has some unintended perks. 

When you are feeling down or drained, Homeroom Health is the place to be,” says Ashley J. There is always a little person running around ready to make you smile!” 

From all of KC CARE’s staff and volunteers, we thank you for your support of this location and look forward to many more years of providing quality, affordable, integrated health services with the promise of dignity and personalized care at Homeroom Health.