Community HIV Resources

Resources for people with HIV and for those helping to prevent new cases of HIV 

KC CARE Health Center also offers: 


PrEP Up KC is a campaign to raise awareness about PrEP through engaging activities and a free workshop to empower participants to take control of their sexual health. 

Contact Korea Kelly at koreak@kccare.org for more information! 

Prevention for HERR 

This initiative is exclusively for cis- and transgender Black women. The focus is on HIV awareness, STI prevention, and sex positivity. Workshops provide education through interactive presentations and demonstrations on sexual health and related materials. 

Contact Tajuana Blackmon at tajuanab@kccare.org for more information! 

Buddy Up 

Designed for white men who have sex with men in KC, Buddy Up focuses on sex positivity and PrEP, HIV, and STI awareness. Schedule a free HIV testing event or interactive workshop on sexual health today. 

Contact Wes Warner at wesw@kcccare.org for more information! 

PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis, is a once daily pill that can prevent you from contracting HIV. 

nPEP is a medication regiment that can be prescribed if you think you have been exposed to HIV. If started within 72 hours, nPEP can prevent HIV from replicating in your body. 

The #1 filled prescription at KC CARE’s on-site pharmacy is PrEP! Our PrEP Navigator and dedicated pharmacy staff will help you find options to cover the cost. 

KC CARE’s Prevention Team can help connect you to medical care if you need PrEP, nPEP, if you are newly diagnosed, or if you have HIV and have lost touch with your provider. If you just received an HIV diagnosis, we can connect you to Same Day Start to ensure you get your first prescription that day. If you need help understanding your treatment plan or support along the way, we can connect you with the Peer Treatment Adherence Team. 

The Prevention Specialists at KC CARE are trained to provide behavioral health interventions for people with HIV. They are also proud to offer Choosing Life: Empowerment, Action, Results (CLEAR). CLEAR is an eight-session, one-on-one, FREE counseling program for people with HIV. CLEAR can help you: 

  • Make healthy choices 
  • Increase emotional awareness 
  • Improve stress management 
  • Work on problem solving 
  • Set achievable goals 
  • Become more mindful 

Upon completion of all eight sessions, you will receive a $75 Visa gift card! Transportation assistance is available upon request. 

We are happy to provide you a referral to KC CARE’s Behavioral Health Team. 

Transportation assistance is available for some programs. Please contact us if transportation is preventing you from accessing any of our services. We will do our best to ensure you can get to where you need to be! 

We can provide anonymous, no-cost HIV testing to people 17 and older. We refer people of all ages with HIV to KC CARE’s expert providers for treatment. 

KC CARE is fortunate to have a wide array of medical professionals who specialize in assisting young people with HIV, including a Peer Educator who specifically helps youths understand their diagnosis and manage their treatment plan. 

Please send an email to pip@kccare.org or text us at 816.216.8091.