HIV Services

KC CARE offers services to educate patients and the community, prevent the transmission of HIV, connect persons with HIV to care, and support people living with HIV in ongoing treatment. We do this through:

  • HIV education and testing at KC CARE, partner sites, and in the community
  • PrEP HIV Prevention—A daily medication to significantly reduce your risk of contracting HIV.
  • PEP—Medication that can prevent the transmission of HIV after you’ve been exposed.
  • Linkage to Care—Connecting people who are newly diagnosed or new to the area to the services they need.
  • Case Management—Support in managing your care and overcoming barriers to being healthy. Specialized services are available for youth and families impacted by HIV.
  • Peer Treatment Adherence—Individual and group education and support from educators living with HIV who know the challenges of an HIV diagnosis and model a healthy hopeful life with HIV.
  • HIV Primary Care—KC CARE is a national leader in HIV primary care, offering comprehensive treatment. We help you understand your HIV diagnosis, access treatment and medications, and prevent transmission by keeping you healthy and virally suppressed.

To reach the Peer of the Day or Case Manager of the Day, call 816-753-5144.