To protect each other – staff and patients – and adhere to social distancing best practices, KC CARE will convert medical and behavioral health appointments to telehealth visits, when possible.  KC CARE will be reaching out to offer telehealth visits to many of our patients with existing appointments.

However, we are committed to making sure that your health needs are still being met. If you have chronic health conditions or other diagnoses requiring routine care or medication refills, you still need your primary care provider to offer expert health advice.

What is Telehealth?

  • Patient care services provided via phone, tablet or computer to connect patients and their healthcare providers.

What are the most important things you need to know about telehealth through KC CARE?

  • Telehealth visits are provided with HIPAA-compliant video technology (to protect patient privacy) on smartphones, tablets or computers.
  • Telehealth visits can also adapt to landline telephones or basic mobile phone if you have no other device.
  • Many routine medical issues can be addressed by a telehealth visit via phone or computer. In some cases after the consultation, the provider may determine that your symptoms and conditions require you to come in for a physical examination.

What kind of appointments can be done via telehealth? 

Examples of telehealth appointments include, but are not limited, to:

  • Acute (or more urgent) needs, such as allergies; skins concerns (rash, insect bite, etc.); infection (such as earaches or urinary tract infections); or cough, cold or flu-like symptoms
  • Chronic (or more routine care) needs, such as diabetes, hypertension, HIV PrEP, HIV treatment, headaches
  • Behavioral health needs, such as therapy appointments
  • Medication refills

Pharmacy Services

  • Telehealth patients have access to KC CARE’s on-site pharmacy with access to affordable medications

What does a telehealth appointment cost?

  • There is no additional cost for a telehealth visit. You will be billed for your telehealth appointment just like a regular visit. All telehealth visits are eligible for our sliding fee scale.

If you are an EXISTING Patient

If you are a NEW PATIENT – Request an appointment here.

Important Forms you will need to download:

New Patient Registration Form

Patient Consent and Agreement for Health Services

KC CARE Privacy Agreement

Behavioral Health Attendance Policy

Behavioral Health Confidentiality Policy and Informed Consent For Treatment

If you have questions about existing or future visits, feel free to call us at 816-753-5144. Our schedulers can help or may refer you to a nurse for additional discussion.

Visit KC CARE’s blog posts to learn more about regional COVID-19 resources and KC CARE’s response.